Charcoal Smokers
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Charcoal Smokers

Smokers and other fine products from "The Good-One."
Delicious Taste
Easy To Use
Consistent, Even Cooking
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
The innovative design of the Good-One ™ Smoker/Grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for the old-fashioned pit BBQ taste. Wood Smokers are just a natural for smoking meat!
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The Trail Boss
Pit Boss Trailer Model

The Pit Boss Patio Model – Generation III does it all!! Large capacity smoking & grilling for catering, restaurants & competition.

Qty in Stock: 1$8,330.00
the chuck wagon
The Chuck-Wagon

The Chuckwagon ™ features The Marshall ™ and the Lone Star Grill ™ Smoker/Grill mounted on a trailer for mobility.

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Qty in Stock: 1$7,599.00
the marshall
The Marshall

The Marshall is excellent for hunting clubs, tailgating, BBQ competition teams, or light commecial use. This unit has room to smoke a hind quarter of beef, wild game, fish, seafood, or a half hog at any one time. 

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Qty in Stock: 2$2,489.00
The Open Range

The “Open Range”, Generation 3 Good-One Smoker/Grill made in Missouri was selected in the “Top 10″ Smoker/Grills in the $1000 price range by the “Amazing Rib Website”.

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Qty in Stock: 1$1,169.00
The Patio Jr.

The Patio Jr. smoker/grill is a great entry level smoker/grill for creating real “pit BBQ” flavor.

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Qty in Stock: 2$874.00




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