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19 pigtail food flipper
19 inch Pigtail

Replaces tongs, forks and spatulas. Turns, flips and carries food in a flash. Great for kitchen and grilling. Leaves meat unblemished & juicy inside. 19" flipper!

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Chops Power Injector
Chops Power Injector System (1/2 gal)

CHOP'S Power Injection System - 4 Needle 1/2 gallon pressurized power injector from Chop's. This injector is made for those larger cooking projects where you need to inject a whole hog, multiple pork shoulders or briskets.

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ET-732 6 FT Food Probe
ET-732 6 FT Food Probe

Maverick ET-732 6 FT Food Probe

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jaccard meat large
Jaccard SB45 Meat Tenderizer

Jaccard SB45 Meat Maximizer - Professional meat tenderizer with 45 stainless steel blades ideal for all types of meat, poultry and seafood. Meat fully absorbs marinade in as little as 5 minutes. Reduces cooking time by up to 40%. Easty to clean. Removable knife cartridge.

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Spitjack Meat Injection System

Spitjack Meat Injection System - Durable, heavy meat injector with 4 sizes of needles. This case was designed and custom built for our heavy duty meat injectors. Made of durable Cordura nylon this case is rugged and easy to maintain. 

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Fryer Glove
The Fryer Glove

Neoprene Supported Glove, Ideal for restaurant deep fryer grease and oil applications, Withstands radiant temperatures up to 450° Fahrenheit, Not recommended for open flame contact, 18 inch length, Etched rough finish, 100% Heavy Cotton Double Jersey Liner, Sewn in loop for ease of storage

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V-Vaximate - 5 mil injector w/ needle

5 ML Injector - Pistol grip injector with long intake tube and fittings to allow you inject "free style" or from 1 gallon jugs and smaller containers.

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